Visitor permission to stay in Cyprus

Permission to stay in Cyprus


Visitors in the Republic, who have adequate sources for living in Cyprus without working, can apply for Temporary Residence permit for 12 months which is renewable every year provided they can meet the requirements.

It is clarified that in determining the amount of adequate resources should take into consideration the individual status of the applicant and whether the applicant has bought property in Cyprus for the purpose of residence.   In any case, the amount should be evaluated in relation to the amount below which the citizens of the Republic may obtain social benefits.

At the moment indicative income, coming out of Cyprus, will be €1000 monthly for one person and additional €750 for every adult and €500 for every child.

The applicant may also show enough deposits in Cyprus which will be adequate for living in Cyprus for the applied period of time. For example for a family of 3, a fair and adequate amount will be €20.000 for a permit valid for one year.

The required documents to be filled with the application Form MVIS1 for temporary residence permit- visitor are as follows:

1.        Copy of valid passport or other travel document with validity of at least three (3) months from the date of the submission of the application

2.       Copy of the passport or other travel document, indicating the last arrival in the Republic and the relevant visa (if applicable)

3.       Copy of the Special Homogenous Identity Card (SHIC), or Certificate by the Embassy of Greece stating that the application for the SHIC is still under consideration

4.       Letter of approval (where applicable)

5.       Original letter of guarantee issued by a bank or cooperative institution in Cyprus with a validity of at least one (1) year over the required validity of the permit for covering possible repatriation expenses. The amount depends on the country of origin

6.       Certificate of Health Insurance for medical care that covers inpatient and outpatient care and transportation of corpse (Plan A)

7.       Copy of marriage certificate (where applicable)

8.       Title deed or rental agreement of a house/apartment duly certified by the relevant president of the community (mukhtar) or title deed.

9.       Proof of stable or adequate income deriving from sources other than employment (i.e. pension, bank account's statement, interest from deposits, dividends etc)

10.   Certificate from a banking institution in Cyprus or a bank account statement proving swifts from abroad

11.   Declaration of the hosting person for a suitable place of residence (where applicable)

12.   Declaration of assumption of the expenses by a person or institution (where applicable).  In cases where the declaration of assumption of the expenses is made by a person, proof of adequate income must be submitted for that person

For the submission of the above application forms the fees payable are €210 including the issue of ARC. (€140 for the application and €70 for the issue of ARC).

It is noted that all required fees are paid in advance, with the submission of the application.  These fees relate to the submission and examination as well as the issuance of the residence permit, if the application is approved. 


According to article 18ΦΖ(7) of the Aliens and Immigration Law (Cap.105), the temporary residence and employment permits that will be issued to third country nationals of the above category will be of a uniform format (card) and must include the biometric features of their holder (fingerprints and photograph) as well as his/her signature.

In view of this, when submitting an application, the physical presence of the third country national is required, in order to receive his/her biometric features (fingerprints and photograph) and his/her signature. If the application is submitted for an entry permit, after the granting of the entry permit and the arrival of the third country national in the Republic, he/she must register at the CRMD or at the Aliens' and Immigration Units of the Police of the District he/she resides within seven (7) days of his/her arrival and provide his/her biometric features (photo and fingerprint) and signature.

The captured fingerprints cannot be used for any purpose other than the issuance of the residence permit and its review for person identification purposes by the Cypriot or other foreign authorities, authorised by the Director.  The captured fingerprints are deleted from the Aliens' Register 48 hours after the issuance of the residence permit.

our managers will help assist you with all procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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