vip consierge in Cyprus

Personal assistance in Cyprus

Dear Guests!

we can offer for you any consierge services in Cyprus

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Consierge services in Cyprus, prices

VIP meet and assist in the airports

From €89 per person

NEW  meet and assist in the airport for disable people

From € 90

 (per person)

NEW special taxi for disable people

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From € 170 depends from the airport arrivals

VIP LOUNGE in Larnaca airport

68 per person

VIP LOUNGE in Pafos airport

68 per person

Private escort (one way)

Include: Filling up the forms in the hotel, escort to the room, reception assistance, information about the hotel, information about Cyprus


Price from 1 до 55 persons

Cyprus SIM card (number will be sent in advance)

From € 15

Flowers boquet (include delivery)

from € 50

NEW Chocolate bouquet

From € 100

Birthday Card in the hotel (include delivery)

From € 10

Gift sets (any choice start from teddy bear and up to furs, diamond rings)


Bottle of Cyprus wine (includes delivery)

From € 15

Champagne (include delivery)

From € 25 depends from brand

Fruits basket (includes delivery)

From € 60

Cake (includes delivery)

From  €55

Your personal assistant in Cyprus (24 hours)

From € 40 per hour

New!! Bodyguard in Cyprus


New!! Delivery of valued items


Chauffer services, any type of cars from minibuses up to mazeratti

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from 120 per our

depends from the brand

NEW!! Order ambulance


NEW!! Search for night pharmacies

From € 50

New! Doctor visit

From €80

New! 24 hours doctor for you 

From € 50 per hour

NEW Nurse

From € 20 per hour

New Equippoment for disable travellers

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Private excursions (from  1 person)

From € 250 (depends from itinerary and car)


Rent a yacht

From € 450


new!! Office equipment for rent


Rent private jet


Vip transfers (limo, business cars)

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From € 120


Rent a super car (Ferrari, mazeratti, porsche)

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Flying lessons, helicopters, airplanes


From €499

Car rental

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From €25


Interprener for your business meeting

From € 50 per hour

Consulting services (lawyer, auditor, real estates etc)


Immigration services (residence permit)


Rent/buy properties consulting


Restaurant recommendation/book your dinner anywhere in Cyprus  


Consulting for medical treatments in Cyprus


Education in Cyprus


Baby sitter

From € 10 per hour

New!! pediatrician visit

From € 80

License for fishing


 New!! License for hunting


Baby seat in the car

From € 5

New! Seat for a dog in the car

From € 10

New!Cage for a cat

From € 5

English lessons and other lauguages

From € 30

Musicians, dancers, fireworks


Organization of  (weddings, christening, birthday, engagements)

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Balloons (could be balloons with signs)

From € 70

Day camp (from  9-19.30, Limassol)

From € 250 per week


From € 10 per hour

Tennis coach


Swimming coach


Diving instructors


Chef at the villa


Tailor, Hair dresser, beauty therapist


Handling assistance in the North Cyprus new!

Within a law of Cyprus republic

€5 per day

Consultancy about North Cyprus new!

Within a law of Cyprus republic


Marriage ceremonies in the North Cyprus new! 

Within a law of Cyprus republic

Organiation of muslim marriages new!