New! Fast procedure for Residence Permit

Fast proceedure for Immigration Permit in Cyprus


Very recently, the Minister of interior of the Republic of Cyprus, have decided, applying the Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations, to issue Immigration Permits to applicants who are citizens of third countries when they fulfill  the following requirements:

a) The Applicant must be able to prove that he has insured annual income of at least €30.000. This amount will be increased by €5.000 for every dependent of the applicant. This income may be from salary from any employment from out of Cyprus, from pension, share dividends, fixed deposits, rents or others.

b) The Applicant must deposit with his application, a title deed or contract of Purchase/Sale which has been deposited to the Land Registry for a residence he has bought at the value of at least €300.000, with official receipts that he has paid at least €200.000. (The balance could be a loan from local bank, or could be paid at a later stage.)

c) The applicant must have proof of fixed deposit in any Bank in Cyprus for the amount of €30.000 for a period of at least 3 years.

All above amounts, in (b) and (c) must be money that came from out of Cyprus.

d) The applicant must have a police report of no criminal record from his county of residence.

e) The applicant must give statement/declaration that he will not be in any way directly or indirectly involved in any kind employment in Cyprus (form of this Statement can be provided)

f) The Applicant must visit Cyprus at least once every two years.

Cyprus Permanent residency

The Procedure for the above application is as follows:

a) Applications are filed at the Immigration department or the District Offices, either in person or by post or through a representative. All applications filed at the District offices will be forwarded to Immigration Department without any further action. ( No interviews!)

b) Applications file in Cyprus either personally or by post or through a representative must be filed inside a normal file (each document must be filed inside the file consecutively numbered with blue ink starting from first page to last). In the file there must be, together with the application, a document with the list of documents filed with the application and any other additional documents completed by or on behalf of the applicant.

c) The application shall be processed immediately by the Immigration Department, and forwarded to the Minister of Interior through the Director General of the Ministry. For the specific Immigration Permit, no interview will be necessary unless the Director General decides otherwise.

d) The Ministry of Interior shall inform the applicant or his representative and the Immigration Department of the decision of the Minister.

e) The Permit shall be valid for as long as the Applicant visits Cyprus at least once every two years.

Provided that the criteria described  above are fulfilled and no further questions arise, the application shall be examined in positive spirit and the Immigration Permit should be granted within the maximum of two months period.

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