Education in Cyprus

Learning english, degree in Cyprus

Dear Sirs!

our company makes all nessesary arrangements for someone who wants to study in Cyprus.

there are many advantages to get your education here.  Its not only EU recognized diplomas, but also nice sunny climate and reasonable prices.

We provide to our guests all assistance in all arrangements.

Vacations and learning English in Cyprus

With miles of beaurifulm, unspoilded natural coastlines Cyprus is a unigue island, Speeoed in layers of historu , culture and mythology as well as blessed with warm Mediterranean climate, with guaranteed sunshine for 320 days a year -it is a destination just waiting to be explored.

We prepared for you a very special programs, vacations+ learning english

Family programs 2018

New! Oscar family program 05.06-24.08.18

Learning English in Cyprus, family program 2018

Mother and baby(0-2y.o) vacation and English in Cyprus, special program 2018

Parent and child (2-5 y.o) vacation and English in Cyprus, special program 2018

 Parent and child (6-10 y.o) vacation and English in Cyprus, special program 2018

Parent and teen(11-17y.o) vacation and English in Cyprus, special program 2018

Kids, teens, youth camps in Cyprus 2018

Kids camp in Cyprus, Episkopi -Limassol (7-17 y.o), program 2018

 International kids camp in Episkopi with out English courses (age 7-17) program 2018

Kids camp in Cyprus, Limassol tourist center, program 2018(12-17 y.0)

Day Kids camp in Cyprus (7-17 y.o), Episkopi-Limassol, program 2018

 teens camp in Limassol, Cyprus, program 2018 (11-18 y.o)

NEW! 2018 Kids camp in Protaras, full time and day time versions

NEW 2018! Oscar Kids camp in Larnaca(7-16)

NEW! 2018 Oscar day camp in Larnaca(7-17 y.o)

NEW! Academic youth camp in Limassol 2018(14-17 y.o)

New! Youth Sport camp in Limassol 2018 (14-17 y.o)

NEW! kids camp in Paphos 2018(4-12 years old)

New! kindergarden in Paphos 2018(2,5-4 years old)

English for adults in Cyprus 2018 (all year round)

NEW! Oscar for adults 2018

Vacations and English in Cyprus for adults over 16+ 2018

EILTS in Cyprus, all year round, offer 2018

English for adults by the sea, offer 2018

NEW! Private english lessons in Cyprus

New! Learning English for Cyprus residents!

From Cyprus to UK and England, learing English programs

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Univercity in Cyprus, picture was done by gloria travel services staff