14 days travel by yacht to Mediterranean

Private sailing to the Mediterranean from Cyprus

We are pleased to offer special tailor made tour from Cyprus to a Greek islands by our private yachts.  We tried to select the most beautiful places to visit.

14-Day Journey to the Greek Islands


Sail to Kastellorizo 7-8 hrs - Departure 6 am

Visit Blue Grotto - the most beautiful cave in the Mediterranean. There are stalactites and stalagmites in this extremely beautiful cave which can only be visited by boat. a sea-cave that is lit by the reflection of the sun from the sea bottom every morning, filling the space with an unearthly blue light.

On  the ruins of the Ancient Castle built in the 4th century BC, the Knights of Saint John rebuilt this fort in the 14th Century at a height of 200 metres above the port of Megisti. The reddish rock on which it was built and the view of the castle while the sun sets behind it have given the Island its current name, ''Red Castle'' (= Castello Rosso -> Kastellorizo). The walk up to the castle is rewarding, as it enjoys a magnificent view of the Island and the coast of Turkey. In addition, in close proximity to the castle are ruins of a Turkish Hamam and a restored watermill. 


Sail to Lindos-Rhodes 2-3 hrs

The lovely village of Lindos is one of the most attractive and beautiful villages of Rhodes. Set on the slope of a hill, it is dominated by the acropolis and overlooks a picturesque bay. Here you will find whitewashed houses with pebble-paved courtyards, narrow alleys and buildings influenced by Byzantine, medieval, Arab and Rhodian architecture. Wander through the narrow, picturesque streets of the town, perhaps indulging in some shopping at the various shops, or enjoy the local cafés and tavernas. Attractions include the beautiful acropolis that can be reached by foot or donkey, the old theatre of Lindos, carved from a rock, and the Doric sanctuary of Athena Lindia.

If guests wish can then sail to Mandraki-Rhodes

Nowhere else in the Dodecanese are so many layers of architectural history piled upon one another as in the fortified Old Town; be it classical, medieval and Byzantine or Ottoman and Italian periods. A volta (stroll) down its hauntingly pretty cobbled streets is evocative, as black-clad octogenarians loom from doorways, the scent of leather shops competing with bougainvillea. 

The old monastery of PanagiaTsambika is worth visiting, built on top of a hill with gorgeous view to the sea and the surrounding area, while the new monastery, which works today, is found on the road that connects Archangelos to Rhodes Town. The icon of Panagia Tsambika is considered miracle-working, particularly for the childless women, which is why many women offer to the icon of Panagia child dolls. This monastery is considered a protector of the island and in fact many locals are named Tsambikos for men and Tsambika for women

DAY 3 -  KOS

Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine and this is where he lived and taught. Not far away, on the slope of the hill above Kos, stand the remains of the Asklepeion, or infirmary of Antiquity, built in honor of the God Asklepios in the 4th century BC. 

The Neratzia Castle is also well worth visiting, it is situated at the entrance of the Kos Harbor. The Castle was built by the Knights of St-John of Jerusalem who ruled on the island from 1314 to 1512. The Castle was initially built on an island and it's entrance is situated at the Square of the Hippocrates Plane Tree, where a bridge crosses the Palm Tree Avenue which used to be a Moat until the beginning of the 20th century.




Paros presents itself as the picture of a traditional Greek island, with classic Cycladic architecture, fishing villages and impressive churches dotting the land. It also is one of the most touristy islands thanks to its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and attractive nightlife.

Naoussa is a picturesque fishing town with a vibrant nightlife. Taverns and small eateries surround the port area and generally are busy. There also are plenty of bars and nightclubs that stay open until dawn. On August 23 of every year, the town celebrates and reenacts the victory over the Turkish pirate Barbarossa, using more than 100 boats. The village is on the north side of the island.

Swim in the turquoise waters of Tigani (Blue Lagoon)

Valley of the Butterflies

The Valley of the Butterflies is to the south of Parikia. During summer, the Valley of Butterflies fills with butterflies looking for mates. 



Sail to the island of Tinos, rich in natural beauty and famous for its marble working and lemon groves. Thousands of people come to Tinos every year to follow the pilgrimage to the icon of Mary, said to have miraculous healing powers. Tinos is also where some of Greece's most finely-crafted marble pieces originate.

The Church of Panagia Megalochari, the church is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and is also the most popular pilgrimage in Greece. The church of Panagia Megalochari is located on a hill above Chora, the capital of Tinos. Many pilgrims cover this distance on their knees, from the port to the church, those who keep a solemn promise to the Virgin Mary. As the path is very rough and their knees can get injured, a long red carpet has been laid from the entrance of the church to the port, only for this reason.

The village of Pyrgos is worth visiting. The whitewashed narrow alleys, houses and churches as well as the colourful flowers decorating the house facades and balconies uniquely match

with the aristocratic marble features, giving the village a superb decor. It is worth mentioning that Pyrgos is the birthplace of many famous Greek sculptors.


This small, laidback island has attracted the likes of Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Pierce Brosnan and several other famous people all have villas on the island. 

The most important site on the island is the Cave of Antiparos this atmospheric cave remains impressive featuring many stalactites and stalagmites.


Famous for its picturesque environment and the relaxing beaches, Amorgos is an amazing island to relax. It became famous to the world when scenes of the movie The Big Blue by Luc Besson were filmed there.

Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa (Grace of Panagia -Virgin Mary) enjoy the breath-taking views from this spectacular looking monastery perched on the side of a cliff. 

A short walk from this monastery leads to the small bay of Agia Anna, a secluded beach with exotic water. Also visit the picturesque village of Chora, with the traditional windmills and the paved paths and it's Venetian Castle. The 13th century Venetian Castle of Chora was built in 1290 by Ieremias Gizis for the protection of the Amorgos Island. It is situated on the Kastro (castle) rock that stands aloft out of the village of Chora like a protector of the village. The massive rock has a height of 210 feet.


Nisyros is the youngest of the large volcanic centers in Greece and is one of the active volcanoes in Greece. The volcano is 160,000 years old, while the youngest, prehistoric rock formations are 15,000 years old and cover the entire island.

The sight that is really worth visiting though is the Castle of Spiliani, an imposing fortress built by the Knights. The castle stands on a fabulous location above the settlement offering breathtaking views to the sea.

The famous Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, one of the oldest places of worship and the religious symbols of Nisyros is also located in Mandraki. The cave inside the

monastery houses the sanctuary as well as the church which was built in 1400 A.D. It is known for the exquisite iconostasis. There is a also a small library with historical documents, Greek and Turkish books and fine relics.


Nanou bay with it's breathtaking scenery.  Nanou can only be reached from the sea and is a sweeping bay, backed by high cliffs, with astonishingly clear water, marvellous for snorkelling,

Panormitis Monastery -Just the tranquility and serenity of the bay of Panormitis offers an almost spiritual experience. The Monastery of the Archangel Michael at Panormitisis the island's most famous monastery. The original church of St.

Michael was built around 450 AD on the site of an ancient temple to Apollo. It contains a splendid icon of the Archangel and two interesting museum sections. 

Overnight in Symi - Symi has the most beautiful harbour in Greece. On either side of a steep-sided fjord rise tier upon tier of houses, some white, some pastel yellow, but

virtually all with Neo-Classical pediments - a reminder that 100 years ago this was one of Greece's most prosperous islands. There has been virtually no modern concrete construction here and now these fine old houses are being resurrected for visitors. The spirit of the island remains intact."


Visit Kyra of Ro.  Ro has been uninhabited for most of history, except for the one Greek woman who made it famous, Despina Achladioti. Every day, Achladioti, also known as the Lady of Ro, would fly a Greek flag, clearly visible from Turkish soil, over the island, until her death in 1982

Snorkel, swim relax and eat at the islet of Ai Georgios before heading for Kastellorizo harbour. We would recommend dinner at The Mediterraneo Taverna, on the square near the Agios Georgos Tou Horafiou church (Saint George of the Fields. The taverna

is named after Gabriele Salvatores' 1991 Oscar-winning Italian war film "Mediterraneo" which was filmed on Kastellorizo. 


Recommended yacht Cranchi 58, sleeps 6. Fastest motor yacht in Cyprus.

Departure from Limassol New Marina

Prices start from 40 000 euro per week rental + APA (expences)

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